We bring beautifully made food to your table,
using the finest local ingredients

Wylie & Wood was born from a shared passion for bringing together great food, wine and people. As a team we started working collectively in 2018, catering for family holidays, parties and as our capability expanded so did the events we catered for. While every job is unique, we try and ensure that whether it is a dinner party for a dozen friends, or a wedding for two hundred; we bring the same ethos of the best sustainable produce and first class and friendly service.

Our team is made up of a flexible and fairly varied team of chefs, front of house and logistics managers. What that means for our clients is that we can select the right people to tackle whatever challenges are presented, whether that’s a remote location with access issues, dietary requirements or just finding a way to astound your clients at a corporate fundraiser.

Probably the part of our business that we love the most is being able to work with the finest ingredients we can find. From our locations in Edinburgh, Fife and the Highlands we are able to work alongside local suppliers to ensure that we’re always putting not only the best tasting, but the most sustainable plate possible in front of you. On a personal note, a highlight is that a lot of these suppliers have become friends, and we love that as our business goes forward, we can use that to help people grow, catch, hunt and butcher the things that really make our food so special. 

T Davidson

We bring beautifully made food to your table, using the finest local ingredients

Wylie & Wood can trace its roots back to 2007 when I came home to St Andrews after studying civil engineering and began a master of arts at St Andrews. I met Peter Wood and started working in a bottle shop… After falling in love with wine, I went on to study at ESFW. Fast forward 10 years and after finishing a project in Mexico I quit my job and returned home to Scotland, with no plan I fell into lodge cooking. First helping a cook friend, then cheffing for family friends and then after getting an agent things took off.

It’s now been 5 years and the team comprises the most talented private chefs and exceptional FOH professionals who LOVE their work. I’m so proud to work with the people and friends that I do and the success is down to our passion and team work.

We love food. We love wine. We love throwing parties, we are passionate about good sustainable produce and great service. Presumably if you are reading this you do too…

If your event is luxurious? Or remote? Do you have complex needs? We can help you. We love a challenge and we love helping out. Whether you want a luxury BBQ on a remote corner of a Scottish island or top tier catering for a corporate fundraiser in the central belt. We have got you covered. Please drop us a line and find out how we can help.


The party was superb and the food insanely delicious. The biggest issue we had was getting people to stop eating and leave – I think one person went back for fourths!


Your food was just AWESOME. You and your staff are just wonderful, and we all had a great time at Gordon Castle.


Thank you for nailing the brief with regards to the food and cooking exactly what we wanted to eat. Everyone has given only amazing feedback from the trip!


The food is always delicious. This quality is matched by his unwavering professionalism and dedication.


Without exception all have told me that the food and service was superb, and all, and I mean all, said that they have never had a better Beef Wellington in their lives.


The food was delicious and the service was seamless!


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